10.07.2023 – The second place obtained by Jack Bartholomew (UK) and Miguel Garcia (PAR) in the Pro-Am class and the third place overall are the excellent results achieved by Imperiale Racing at Mugello, the circuit that hosted the second round of the 2023 Italian GT Endurance Championship.

The two drivers, aboard the Lamborghini Huracàn GT3 Evo #16, formed a lineup alongside the #54 crew composed of Kevin Gilardoni (CH), Stuart Middleton (UK) and Raul Guzman (MEX). Bartholomew and Garcia remained in the front positions throughout the race weekend and worked together with the entire team to find the best setup for the race without sacrificing speed in qualifying. Despite the absence of Mahaver Raghunathan (IN) due to personal reasons, the two drivers put in a great performance and secured sixth place in qualifying.

During the two-hour race, which featured contacts, safety car interventions, and periods of Full Course Yellow, Bartholomew and Garcia completed an extraordinary comeback, climbing to second place in the Pro-Am class and third place overall. Bartholomew even had to complete a double stint to make up for Raghunathan’s absence, who will return for the Monza race.

It was an unfortunate race for the Lamborghini #54, driven by Kevin Gilardoni (CH), Stuart Middleton (UK) and Raul Guzman (MEX) instead. After posting excellent times in the practice sessions and securing second place in qualifying, their race lasted little more than half an hour. An unfortunate and unavoidable contact with another car during a lapping manoeuvre forced the Lamborghini #54 off the track and into the gravel. Upon inspection in the pits, the Imperiale Racing team decided that the damage sustained would prevent them from continuing. Up until that point, the crew was in second place overall, just tenths away from the top spot.

Luca Del Grosso (Team Manager):
“We are really satisfied with the impressive comeback achieved by Jack Bartholomew and Miguel Garcia, which earned us second place in the PRO-AM class and an overall podium finish. This performance is the result of great teamwork, with the drivers delivering on-track, the team working on the car’s setup and the strategists planning the race strategy. Together, we have achieved a remarkable result. However, I cannot hide my disappointment over the retirement of car #54 due to an entirely unpredictable contact. Unfortunately, the championship situation becomes much more complex for the #54 car, and we will need to thoroughly analyze what happened in preparation for the rest of the season”.

The next round will be in Monza on the weekend of September 17th.

Drivers’ Classification| Round 2 of 4
1. Fisichella-Mosca pt. 40
2. Gai-Donno-Castro pt. 20
3. Bartholomew-Garcia pt. 18
4. Gilardoni-Guzman-Middleton pt. 15

5. Guerra-Tamburini-Tavano pt. 15

PRO-AM Drivers’ Classification | Round 2 of 4
1. Tavano-Guerra-Tambruni pt. 28
2. Gai-Donno-Castro pt. 27
3. Bartholomew-Garcia pt. 25
4. Comandini-Cassarà-Nilsson pt. 20
5. Attianese-Stuvik-Butti pt. 12

2023 Calendar
Round 1: May 19-21 > Pergusa
Round 2: July 7-9 > Mugello
Round 3: September 15-17 > Monza
Round 4: October 13-15