24.03.2022 – Care for the details and continuous seeking for improvement and performance have always characterized Imperiale Racing. The Italian team has added another important tile along this path ahead of season 2022.

The Mirandola-based team and SIM Maranello decided to join forces for a futuristic project aimed at improving the competitive approach of Imperiale Racing’s drivers. In every racing weekend, a specific truck will be equipped with a professional racing simulator on which drivers will have the chance to continue the work started on the track.

The quality and technical fidelity of SIM Maranello’s simulators will allow drivers to upload all the data collected during the on-track sessions and continue the setup work using virtual reality. This is an all-around process that, once the racing suit is off, will allow drivers to continue improving the knowledge of the track and perform an in-depth analysis of all the data with the engineers.

This is a combination of excellence coming from the Italian Motor-Valley, a magical place where entrepreneurship and passion produced virtuous examples that made motorsport a reason for living. SIM Maranello is a company specialized in the creation and customization of racing simulators. The products, technical and sporting skills make this company a top-end reality with which Imperiale Racing has found a great communion of purposes.

Luca Del Grosso (Team Manager):
“Personally, I have always wanted to bring a professional racing simulator on track to continue working also when engines switch off. Over the years we had several positive experiences with the programs of SIM racing to prepare the weekends on track, especially with the drivers that did not know very well some Italian circuits. This collaboration with SIM Maranello steps it up a notch and brings the concept of training to an unprecedented level. I believe this will allow us to improve our analytic approach to races”.