30.09.2020 – Nearly two months after the opening round, Imperiale Racing will get again on track in Mugello for the second act of the Italian GT Sprint 2020 Championship this coming weekend.
The Mirandola-based team will field the #32 Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo that will be driven by the PRO lineup made by Kikko Galbiati (ITA) and Giovanni Venturini (ITA). They will have the goal of bouncing back from the double race in Misano with the same grit that the whole team put in at the opening meeting of this exciting and hard-fought Sprint series.
The program of the weekend will kick off on Friday with two free practice sessions at local 11:30 and 17:10. Two qualifying sessions will take place on Saturday at 11:50 and 12:15, while race one will end the intense racing day at 17:15. Engines will roar again on Sunday when race two will get underway from 14:20.
The International Circuit of Mugello will stage this double challenge that will last 50 minutes plus one lap. This is one of the best circuits in Italy that displayed its features in the recent Formula 1 Grand Prix of Tuscany. Fast and technical, the lap at the circuit of Mugello starts with the long straight that leads into the San Donato corner. The two Luco-Poggio Secco and Materassi-Borgo San Lorenzo complexes take drivers to the most famous sector, the downhill Casanova-Savelli and the two Arrabbiate corners. The final sector is more driven and includes the Bucine bend that rejoins the pit straight.
Luca Del Grosso (Imperiale Racing – Team Manager):
“This is going to feel like a new story as it comes two months after the event in Misano. We have a good feeling. Mugello is an amazing racetrack and after watching Formula 1 there we cannot wait to bring our Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo out to the track. The weekend is going to be tough. Weather forecasts do not rule out rain, which might be a crucial aspect. Our goal is to try and reopen the games for the classification. We are only at the second round of the season and there is a long way still to go”.
Both races will be available through the live streaming feed at www.acisport.it/CIGT and on the Facebook page @CIGranTurismo and will be shared by the official page of the team @ImperialeRacing. RAI Sport (CH 58 FreeView) and MS Motor TV (CH 228 SKY) will cover the event on the TV. ACI Sport will publish the media coverage close to the weekend.