16.09.2020 – Imperiale Racing will be at a crucial weekend at the Piero Taruffi circuit of Vallelunga in occasion of the third round of the Italian GT Endurance Championship 2020.
The Mirandola-based team recently had a positive preparation test at the circuit near Rome and will compete with the official lineup made by Kikko Galbiati (ITA), Giovanni Venturini (ITA) and Alex Frassineti (ITA) that will try and put in a strong performance to stay in the fight for the Endurance 2020 title.
The team will be called to deliver a strong weekend on the 4.085 meters of the circuit located just outside Rome in Campagnano, which is defined as one of the most complete circuits in Italy. The Piero Taruffi circuit has two souls: one fast and linear and the other more technical and driven. The circuit layout requires a perfect balance of the car and an absolute symbiosis of the driver with the car is necessary to be fast. The short pit straight turns soon into the spectacular and very fast Curva Grande. The first braking point is at the two Cimini corners, while the following straight leads into the wide Campagnano and Soratte. The most twisted part is the Semaforo, Tornantino and Esse that offers good overtaking chances. The Roma corner finally rejoins the main straight.
The challenge will kick off with two free practice sessions on Friday (at 11:25 and 15:00) and one on Saturday (9:00). The three qualifying sessions, one for each driver, will be held on Saturday starting from 12:50. The race will get underway at 11:40 on Sunday for the first time in this season and will therefore take place in the hottest hours of the day with scheduled temperatures that could go beyond 30°C despite the period.
The race and qualifying will be available through the live streaming from www.acisport.it/CIGT, Facebook @CIGranTurismo and will be shared by the official page of the team @ImperialeRacing. Media coverage will be provided by RAI Sport (CH 58 Freeview) and MS Motor TV (CH 228 SKY) with a schedule that will be published shortly before the event by ACI Sport.
Luca Del Grosso (Imperiale Racing – Team Manager):
“There is no room for error is our mantra. Jokes apart, we have what it takes to run a strong weekend. The circuit of Vallelunga owes us one and we are motivated to score an important result. We will try to make the most of all the chances, the situation of time handicaps relatively favours us and we will try to exploit the crucial stages of the drivers change since we have no time handicap to serve. The race will be decided on track though and I am certain that Kikko, Giovanni and Alex will give their 100% from lights to flag”.
Italian GT Endurance Championship| Drivers classification
1. Fuoco-Roda-Rovera pt. 27; 2. Agostini-Mancinelli pt. 24; 3. Comandini-Zug pg. 22; 4. Kroes-Shandorff-Tujula pt. 21; 5. Drudi pt. 20; 6. Postiglione pt. 16; 7. Sims pt. 15; 8. Greco-Hudspeth-Michelotto pt. 14; 9. Galbiati-Venturini pt. 12; 10. Aghakani-Giammaria-Pulcini pt. 10